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Minor adventures in remodeling a 1970s-Bachelor's-Pad-Meets- Grandmother's-House. Bittersweet adventures with the destructively adorable Suki.

Our Lovely Living Room

As Zac and I sat across from each other on August 18, 2013, a quiet Sunday afternoon, we discussed what would be a fun way to spend the remainder of the day. Ten minutes later, we were moving furniture from … Continue reading

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Abby’s Visit

Hey folks, Here are some of the photos from Abby’s trip to Eugene (since emailing photos doesn’t  work for y’all) We dipped into a creek during our hike – the water was nice and warm! Hiking in Fall Creek Getting … Continue reading

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Winter Break Project: The Dining Room

Before reading about another monotonous remodel, I just so happen to have a treat for you. I caught on tape RARE footage of a diurnal coastal predator hunting (and successfully I may add) her weak prey. Click the link and … Continue reading

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Ridding our lives of faux wood paneling: Laundry room and back hallway

Laundry room before Zac tore down the wood paneling, sanded the old glue, patched up the drywall, and mudded and sanded.      The difference between our ceiling’s old color and white. And here we were thinking it was already white, … Continue reading

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Painting the Guest Room

Our guest room before Using delicious smelling oil-based primer   After finishing trim touch-up, painting the room “Swiss Coffee,” and scrubbing paint off our arms, faces, legs, eyes… The two faces of Suki

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Creating a Family Room that a Family Would Actually Want to Spend Time in

Part 1: Demolishing the Family Room Unfortunately this room did not get a color-coded name. So one Thursday afternoon, Zac went crazy After finishing getting the nails out of the studs from the old drywall and wood paneling layers 1 … Continue reading

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Got Asbestos? aka “Brown Room”

We named this room “Brown Room” because that name seemed to be the most literal. Sadly, “Red Room” and “Brown Room” are our only color-coded rooms in the house. Well, we don’t know whether or not the insulation in the attic contains … Continue reading

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