Winter Break Project: The Dining Room

Before reading about another monotonous remodel, I just so happen to have a treat for you. I caught on tape RARE footage of a diurnal coastal predator hunting (and successfully I may add) her weak prey. Click the link and be sure to stay tuned the whole time to see a bonus slowed down attack.

The Dining Room has been our smallest, least dramatic and least expensive remodel thus far. We used trim, paint and electrical goodies leftover from other rooms and didn’t have any big expenses (like broken windows).

Before and After

3_10035676_4_1352277520_636x435  SAM_2910

We took out the hutch, aka it fell apart on top of Zac.

SAM_2681 SAM_2812 SAM_2865

Initially, we planned just to move it to preview how the room would look without it. But, it wouldn’t budge. So, Zac carefully took it apart and I went to the family room to study. Out of nowhere, I hear a loud boom and I yell, “Are you okay?” twice. Zac doesn’t respond, so I sprint into the room to find that he is okay, though the top half of the hutch fell flat on the floor, barely missing him. The wood turned out to be rather cheap, so we recycled the pieces and enjoyed our pink wall for a few days until we painted it. We’re going to take out the whole wall and open the house up a bit at some point, for now it’s a convenient partition since we have a roommate.

SAM_2822     SAM_2835

Our walls have more layers than most bean dips.

On one wall, Zac removed ceramic brick, drywall, wood, then more drywall. On another wall, Zac removed ceramic brick, faux wood paneling, more faux wood paneling and drywall. And then moved it all into one delightful pile in the middle of the room that we have to walk through every time we leave. Suki was less than pleased, as it was cramping her style and hindering her path to the doggy door.

SAM_2846   SAM_2858

Sheetrocked, mudded and primed without any complications – for once. If you look closely enough at the second picture, you may see someone who thought he could pop his head in and out of the room faster than I could capture it with the camera.

SAM_2875    SAM_2895

Painting in my cool hat (it was cold without the heater). We only did trim around the window, as we’ll do the floor trim in a year or so after we remove the infamous carpet that almost deterred me from living in the house.

We attempted to wash the dust-soaked blinds (thus, the temp. paper). Didn’t really work. We may order new blinds in the future, for now, we’ll pretend they’re just a darker shade of off-white.

SAM_2682 SAM_2871  SAM_2911

New lighting fixture! We initially bought a hanging light on clearance thinking that all dining rooms need a light that hangs over the dining room table. Well, most houses are taller than ours, so track lighting seems to be the better choice.


One “shocking” highlight of the remodel. Zac repeatedly insisted that he had turned the power off to the heater before he started putting it back on. Since it was “off,” Zac grabbed the whole heater wire with one hand. What does it look like for a grown man to get shocked by a wire of this caliber? Well, Zac did a fairly praiseworthy somersault backwards while shrieking like a fried R2-D2.


Our brighter dining room. In the future, with new floors, less wood paneling creeping into the back of the picture, and even one wall fewer, we hope to have a more dramatically nicer room. For now, we are very content with our weeklong winter remodel.


Hey Suki, how are you enjoying Zac and I spending all our time at home?


About Zac and Kayleigh

Minor adventures in remodeling a 1970s-Bachelor's-Pad-Meets- Grandmother's-House. Bittersweet adventures with the destructively adorable Suki.
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