Beginning to garden

While Zac worked typical 12-15 hour days, for 3 days straight, I decided to go to Jerry’s and dig in the dirt for a few days, which brought back glorious memories from working at the greenhouse.  Using just my hands and a little shovel, I took part in some garden therapy.

I’ve always adored lillies.

Dalias.  I chose pretty flowers and ground covers, we’ll see if that was the right decision in a year…

Our rhododendron is blooming!

And so is this mysterious beauty!

Another pleasant surprise was when this flower bloomed, not sure what it is, but it’s lovely.

 Our humble abode.

This year I just planted perennials, a few annuals, and one tomato plant.  Zac and I are hoping to build 1 or 2 garden beds in the backyard next year for vegetables only.

Sadly, this backyard garden shares a living space with Suki, so it looks a little bit beat up after being dug up daily.  Suki especially is offended by the azaleas, as she makes a greater effort to shred their roots everyday.

Speak of the devil, below she greeted me after work with this surprise of a mess. What a sweetheart!

In other news, Suki turned one year old yesterday, and got the present of a little stuffed hedgehog named ‘Baby.’

Poor Baby never stood a chance.  Within 15 hours he had the stuffing ripped out of him followed by Suki proudly running around with his heart (squeaker) in her mouth.

About Zac and Kayleigh

Minor adventures in remodeling a 1970s-Bachelor's-Pad-Meets- Grandmother's-House. Bittersweet adventures with the destructively adorable Suki.
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