Since we mentioned red room…

Before and after.


Before there was red carpet.  And a built-in vanity.  And sun-stained pink curtains.  No need to add dramatized adjectives, the subjects speak for themselves.

Inbetween before and after:  870 staples, 150 screws, 28 trips to Jerry’s, 1 sheet of 5/8 in. drywall, 1 sheet of 1/2 in. drywall, and then finally one actually-fitting size of 3/8 in. drywall.

Then, a little bit of mudding, a little bit of spilling compound on the floor, and a little bit of yelling at Suki to not drink the paint.


After.  Wood floors, free of red carpeted anxiety.  Light green walls, free of the haunting vanity.

Red Room Costs and Sweat Equity

Red Room Costs

Drywall $7.25
Primer $57.00
Paint $35.00
Paint samples $26.00
Trim (Floor)/ trim supplies $28.00
Mud/ tools $39.00
Sanding materials $11.50
Outlet covers $1.25
Bamboo blinds $35.00
Faux wood blinds $120.00
Lighting fixture/ bulb $34.00
Drywall mistakes $16.25
Guard tape/ patches $26.00
Door knobs/ hinges/ stop $25.50
Closet hinges/ knobs $12.00
Stain/ supplies for doors $21.25
Total $495.00

Thank you Jim for the idea to add a table calculating our sweat equity. This one may not be entirely accurate since I had to date back 2 months, but it’s a pretty good approximation:

Red Room Sweat Equity:

Timeline: February 1, 2011 – February 25, 2011

1-31-11:Carpet/ built-in vanity removal 5hrs
Night 1-31-11:Touch up and Removing floor staples 2hrs
2-5-11: Replacing drywall (3 tries to get the right size), mixing compound/ applying mud, sanding 7hrs
2-6-11: Priming 2x 7hrs
2-12-11: Painting 2x 5hrs
2-13-11: Touch up painting, replacing covers/ knobs, and cutting/ nailing trim 5hrs
2-19-11: Staining closet doors 2hrs
2-25-11: Customizing blinds/ installing blinds 1 hr
Misc: Sweeping/ mopping .5hrs
Misc: 3 trips to the dump 1 hr
Misc: 15 trips to Jerry’s 7.5hrs
Total 43 hrs

About Zac and Kayleigh

Minor adventures in remodeling a 1970s-Bachelor's-Pad-Meets- Grandmother's-House. Bittersweet adventures with the destructively adorable Suki.
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